The man, the myth, the legend...

Earl Arbuckle earned the nickname “Pottymouth” when he conjugated the Latin for “To piss in your mouth” when he was called upon to recite. Never a poor student, Earl nonetheless spent most of his schooling banished to the corner, the hall, or the principle’s office. In contrast, he spent most of his free time outside of school with his nose in a book.

In junior high school, Earl shifted his interest from books to his cherry sunburst Les Paul Custom. He learned the basics and added that skill to his musical wheelhouse, having sung in church and school choir throughout his childhood.

Earl experienced a rapid rise in success in part due to his passionate commitment to learning and performing, and in part due to a chance encounter with the infamous Colonel Tom Parker, which led to a 2 year stint opening for the King himself before Earl had recorded a song. Earl’s debut album was such a huge success that every track went platinum in the first day of its release. That album was responsible for the “Adamantine” designation for album sales, and has since reached “Double Adamantine” status. Earl’s sudden success sustained a more than lavish lifestyle for nearly 30 years. But despite his rabid fan base, famished for more, Earl produced no music whatsoever for the next 30 years. And like so many artists before and after him, Earl eventually lost the lion’s share of his popularity and found himself facing bankruptcy.

Desperate to resolve his debts, Earl sold his one album catalog of hits. Sadly, Earl negotiated the deal himself to save money, and as a consequence he is no longer allowed to perform those songs without paying a punishing royalty to the Michael Jackson estate.

Fortunately, at that moment, Earl experienced a catastrophic life event which compelled him to provide the world with an album of songs to raise awareness of Prostate Cancer. But, come as it may, Earl does live up to his nickname. The result is a coherent collection of music that hits the nail directly on the head. Earl drives his message home with mostly simple compositions with deceptively complex wordplay and rich narrative dressed up in mermaid tails and limp rhinestone penises. And though Earl’s numbers haven’t been anywhere near as huge as those days of yore, his new material has won the hearts and minds of a critical press that had categorically dismissed his first album as over-produced, over-written, and under-performed formulaic pablum. HOWEVER, this is what one of his harshest critics had to say about Earl’s latest album, Nine Songs In My Pocket: “All the filthy double entendre one would expect from a performer who made his name sifting through his own excremental sexual history, and yet here he has surprised us with a layer of narrative complexity and unexpected wisdom interleaved through Earl’s characteristically simple compositions. Even these compositions surprise us with casual accents and off-hand flourishes that defy genre and convention. It seems that Earl “Pottymouth” Arbuckle has matured in spite of his utter commitment to remaining a spoiled adolescent “has been” who is sadly unaware that he never really “was.”