Your friendly neighborhood primeval deities.

Earl’s Titans not only bring skills to the stage, these spectacular human beings bring qualifications with them that defy expectations for a naughty little country band.

Heath Allyn, one of Earl’s original Titans has come back on board for his new band. He’s not only an accomplished actor, he also plays in seven different bands and writes and performs his own material as well.

Christabel Lin is currently a member of the pit orchestra of the Austin Opera after a year performing with the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra after earning her Master’s degree from the University there. Earl’s band is a lark for her, a way to stretch and exercise her considerable talent with a very different genre of music. Christabel has been generous with her outstanding gifts and education and has been helping Earl chart and understand the strange choices he makes in his compositions.

John Baker is a high-demand session man who can be seen playing with such up and comers as "One Jack Move" Earl is fortunate to have such a skilled journeyman and all-around kind individual in the group. Easy to see why he rises to the top of the cream of the crop.

Beans Brown brings his feel for the skins to us via a career in linking disparate devices over complex computer networks. No surprise that someone with such an adaptable and persistent set of skills at work can dance around some of Earl’s quirky rhythms. Also, the fact that Earl, Beans, and the next Titan were Earl’s roommates during one of his rougher patches and the three became fast friends and allies.

Scooter Holiday provides one of the crucial support points in the foundation of an academic department at one of the United States’ largest universities. You guessed it, Scooter provides the foundation for the Earl “Pottymouth” Arbuckle sound. When Earl is too distracted by a complex vocal track or can’t resist makin’ love to that microphone, he’s smart enough to have found someone better than himself to hold his stead. And when Earl does decide to pick up his guitar, Scooter gets to jangle around as he pleases.

Jordan Bodkin loves to add a little unique flourish and flair to everyone’s life, and it’s no different with Earl. Rather than offer folks the usual slide guitar to accent Earl’s classic cowboy melodies, Jordan delights us with his slide trombone.